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About the Event:

Superclubsplus Online Global Hot Seat
Date: 15th of August
New Zealand time: 12.00-1.00
In the Hot Seat will be :Sandra Morris
is a New Zealand author and illustrator.

Sandra's Achievements

  • 1992 Russell Clark Award for illustration - One Lonely Kakapo,
  • 1995 Finalist for Aim Childrens' Book Awards - Discovering NZ Birds
  • 1995 Finalist for Non Fiction Library Awards - Discovering NZ Birds
  • Professional Development Award (QE11 Arts) for study in Australia 1995
  • Judge for Aim Childrens Book Awards 1996
  • Judge for Russell Clark Award for illustration 1997

Her latest book: Sensational Survivors is a finalist for the 2011 New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards.

ISBN 978-1-921150-66-1 pb RRP $29.99

Target age 6+
An ancient land isolated by vast oceans, New Zealand is home to many fascinating creatures. From a prehistoric reptile, to one of the world’s largest insects, you’ll discover some of the most unusual and impressive species on our planet. This book features stunning illustrations and text by the award-winning wildlife illustrator Sandra Morris. It is a perfect reference for schools and home.

For more information

Read more about Sandra here.


Map of the area.
National Library
6 Stanley Street, Parnel Auckland.

Parking: Carlaw Park Ave- behind the library.
Drive under the carpark.

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Date: 26/07/11
Meeting at the National library between
National Library- Esther Casey Natasha La Trobe, Katie Preston and Sonya Van Schaijik


-Sandy Bell from Auckland Council has agreed to attend,
-Jan Coleman from Superclubsplus New Zealand will attend
-Sandra Morris is our invited author
-Paul Seilieur MOE has agreed to attend
-Raumati have agreed to skype in.

-5x teachers refer participating schools.
-22 children
-Sonya has emailed and invited Ken and Tim from Telstraclear. (awaiting a response)

Sonya has emailed Netsafe (awaiting a response)

To do list

Participating schools

  • Children to bring their morning tea and lunch
  • Ensure that children can log into superclubsplus -eg: log ins and passwords are all working??
  • Letter asking for permission to use their photos.
  • Email Sonya all the children's names taking part ( Superclubsplus certificate of participation.)
  • The week leading up to the event- have the children locate some of Sandra's books in your own school library.
  • Find some information about her online
  • Prepare some model questions to help with discussions.
  • Go over and view some previous Hot Seats
  • http://www.scplus.com/clubs/auhotseats/morrisfaq
  • After the event have the children create an article to share on their site in superclubsplus

Sonya to
-inquire if Telstraclear can support us with a T.Stick so we can use Skype. Yes- Jan to orgainse

-Organise lunch for 12 adults.
-Letter out to schools for parental permission Yes - School emailed a copy and one is also online
-include use of children's images -Yes- see letter

-chn to bring their own lunch -Yes - see letter

-include the opportunity for children to view the Reading Auckland Collection -Yes refer timetable

-find a scribe for the session-Yes- Lavinia from Rosebank to scribe- (looking for a back up)

National library
-to organise availability of 14 netbooks
-Test the system- once registered
- have a laptop hooked up to ethernet with projector for Sandra
-7x parks available
-create a display of Sandra Morris work
-RAMS from Katie early next week for Sonya to email out to participating schools.
-Yes -emailed to schools 12/08/11

-Have a technical person on standby for the session.
-Set up groups of tables, for 22 children
-Seating for 12 adults
-Coffee and Tea available

Superclubsplus Australia- Kirsty Waugh, Annabel Rook
-create an online presence for Sandra Morris
-Yes - and tested HOT Seat -all working

-register the 3 National Library Helpers.
-Yes - and they have tested

Superclubsplus NZ- Jan Coleman
-Superclubsplus banners

- T.Stick with 3 GB of data and router (for our skype school)
-Telstraclear television screens -unavailable