In 2015, our school is 138 years old.

School History

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(Our school began in 1877- SVS thinks the fires destroyed the earlier records and so the guess could be incorrect.)
-At the office you will find a record of principals that have been leading Newmarket Primary School. Our current principal is Miss Kofeod and she has been around since 1999.
Our first principal was Captain Charles Ross Cholmondely Smith.
Celebrated 100 years, 27/01/1934
So Born 28/01/1834, principal in his 50s
As a young man
Past Papers History
Death Notice
Our motto is from these roots will strong trees grow.

Guiding Principle

Purpose- why was the area created



Date Established

People Involved

Our timeline

Imagine the corner of Mortimer Pass and the Broadway today. Traffic lights, the giant 277 complex, cars, buses. Turn the clock back to the1860s and you will see the sacred tree ,Te Ti Tutahi which was what the Waiohua named Newmarket. Some flat land and the tents of the 40th South Lancashire Regiment.

1877- 1909

First Newmarket School (1870s)
Photographer unknown
Reunion booklet 1877-1960
School was erected. (We think the corner where 277 is now.)

Unrest at Newmarket School
Past Papers History

A Mistaken Case of Plague at Newmarket. School
Past Papers History

1892-Children plant trees for Arbour day





Manual, technical and commercial training in New Zealand schools received a boost from the government in about 1900. This fine old educational building was erected in 1903 on the Broadway end of the original Newmarket school site, one of several built in Auckland around that time.


1911 Population of Newmarket was 2,863 and 24 died, I wonder how many were children at our school.
1911- Pupil Teacher Patrick Smyth
1913- Cutting down of Te Ti Tutahi


McLean William F.A.M August 1914 Pupil Teacher from Newmarket Enlisted and went to war.


37100 __Walker, William Robert Cooper__ October 1916 Headmaster Newmarket Resumed November 1916
BA 1898 Lieutenant Colonel -Mounted Rifles

1917 First casualty

44943 Moore Rupert Cyril. February 1917 Assistant Newmarket Killed in Action 12 Sept 1918
2nd Lieutenant Killed Trescault Ridge - Memorial at Newmarket Park
Auckland Infantry Regiment A company

43667 __Nicholson Arthur Mervyn.__ March 1917 Pupil Teacher, Newmarket Wounded Twice; resumed June 1919 (Private lived in Howic) Wounded November 1918

1918: Influenza Pandemic


Elizabeth Bell: assistant teacher at Newmarket School
1923 11th of November
School fire
Papers Past Article about the fire
1925 6x classrooms were erected on Gilies Ave Site.
The manual training centre was shifted to its current site.

1929-1939 The Depression Years

The school committee took advantage of the difficult times to develop the lower field and terraces. Fifty men were employed under Government Scheme No 5 to improve the grounds and the lower field and the bluestone terraces made from volcanic rock.
(Refer to Newmarket Primary School Reunion Booklet 1877-2002)
Past Papers History

1939-1945 World War 11

Going to the American milkbar after school


-Newmarket was a sleepy little township in those days, with it's own Mayor and Council.
-It's main claim to fame was the Olympic Pool where we spent most of our summer weekends.
The Royal" fish and chip shop.


In 1959, Newmarket School had a Remedial Clinic.

-Lovely school, loved the terraces although they were awfully big in those days.
Coca cola factory next door. 3d chips for lunch and 3d for a doughnut. I looked forward to those bought lunches.
-I can remember being a school patrol and a prefect!!!
-I enjoyed my time at Newmarket. I was Head Prefect in Std 4 and kids used to say I was favoured because the headmaster had the same name as myself. Mr Donald. I remember Mr Cusack as a good teacher.
-My Standard 4 teacher was Mr. Boyle and the headmaster was Mr. Morgan.
-What a great little school: playing on the terraces, being called up to the murder-house. The boys toilet yuck even for those days. On patrol at the Gillies Ave crossing. The Fun Doctor concerts. The Trades Alphabet projects. Warm milk in the summer. Rainy days in the shelter shed.
- I remember WARM MILK at assembly yucky.
-I remember a teacher Mr Charles John Hayden.
-The headmaster was Mr George Stackpole. I split my head open chopping kindling for the boiler.


-I was one of the "railway kids" My dad was on the school committee till 1971. The teacher whom I remember best was Mr Macmenamin.I still remember points of wisdom both practical and academic, which he imparted to us.
-Mr. Munroe was the headmaster at the time.(He was the greatest!). I remember Mrs. Rivers, Mrs. Barrington, Mr. Cummin, Mrs. Oppenheim. Mr. Munroe would always get me to stand up and say the thank-you speeches to all visitors and guests on behalf of the school! (Never quite got over that!)
I remember going to the chip shop on Broadway at lunch time and getting a 10c bag of hot chips the size of todays $2 chips!!
-I remember a lot about the area and the play centre that was started in a garage below the old Telecom Depot (in Rainville Road). I remember going to the swimming pools in New Market every day of every summer day. I remember walking home from the pools via the old railway lines.
- I got the strap for swinging updside down on the bars showing my knickers :)
-We played in the Pohutakawa Tree which overlooked the street and remember how the Terraces were always out of bounds. Milk delivered to the classrooms in the morning.
- We would catch the train from Glen Eden to Newmarket each day.I went to school with my older cousins who lived at the old railway homestead on Middleton Road overlooking Newmarket railway station, now a carpark but the old oak tree still stands. After school I used to walk to the old Storkline toy shop to play with the Tonka toys in the sandpit. Then I would go to the railway station to wait for Mum & Dad to catch the Waitakere or Helenville train home. Sadly the old stone school building has long gone and been replaced with a modern building. I remember climbing those many steps amongst the tall trees to reach the school, the terraces, the concrete swimming pool, the murder house. My first song I learnt was "Would you like to swing on a star”. I remember the old school bell that would ring out.
- What about our principal Gerald Munroe? I remember when he would let us off class if we played cricket with him. Unfortunately all of you agreed to play. I hated cricket with a vengeance thanks to that early experience however I understand the game very well! Oh yeah! I got the strap for throwing stones.
- The walk to school from Bassett rd was a killer, but on the way would meet up with friends and family from Rainville rd, We would cut through pta, cross railway tracks into Broadway then head up those stairs to the old school. Teachers we had were the best.
- Fraser Munroe, great headmaster. Remember Fraser playing sport with us every lunchtime, especially the cricket with 5 stumps.
-1966 The Newmarket Viaduct was completed and Gillies Ave became one of the busiest roads in Auckland.



School moto - "Not Self But Service".
-Mr Munroe was a great head master. He organised rugby and soccer games against other schools. They were hard games but well fought. If it hadn’t been for Mr Munroe, I wouldn’t be what I am today.
-Newmarket was a great school to go to - I had to catch two buses from Ponsonby at one stage when we moved. I remember we used to do forward rolls while holding the leather hands straps on the bus. Mr Munroe was the headmaster at one stage. Those were the days when boys still got the strap. Ouch!
- Mr Rowntree was such a good teacher. As well as Mr Munroe. And Mrs Morgan with her violin. Remember the choir and getting in trouble. And remember doing staff duties, dishes and cleaning and running amuck.
- I was in Mr Wards' class. He sometimes played the saxophone and we would dance around the classroom.
- I remember Mr King, he played the piano, also Mrs Spencer.


- Was an excellent school. Remember the big terraces, and ordering toasted sandwiches and just juice for lunch.
- Well I remember Mrs Kaa great lady saw her a few years back and she is still the same:-) but I mainly remember the terraces.
- Playing wrestling on the climbing tower thing and running wild over the terraces


1999 Miss Kofoed came as the new principal. She is still with us


In 2002, Newmarket Primary School celebrated 125 years.

Here is a link to a bigger photo.schoolphoto.jpg

Back then we only had 7 class rooms and all the playground went down the terraces so it was pretty dangerous.
Remember the ordering pizza & a jucie for lunch and the massive runs we use to do for cross country, wish I could still run like that.
Lots of neat kids and great support from the prison staff to do jobs about the place.
Playing wrestling on the climbing tower thing and running wild over the terraces.
The playground on the terraces, The after school care in the hall. Junior camp down on the field!


Miss Kofoed achieved her Doctorate of Education and we now call her Dr Kofoed.
The school joined facebook to communicate with past pupils and our families. However children from school have access to superclubsplus.

Former Location

The block where 277 is today.

Current Use

School for years 0-6.

Notable Features

The school has beautiful children.
The terraces constructed during the depression.
The pohutukawa tress.
The ti trees from where Newmarket was named.
Being one of the first schools built in New Zealand.
The school hall.
Enviro School.

Construction date


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Newmarket Lost and Found
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