The BBC World's Biggest Assembly
On Tuesday May 8th, Newmarket School held a 'Planning for Real Day' with the Auckland Transport.
We used this opportunity to share with the world our growing issue of traveling to and from school.
Our BBC live time did not eventuate on Wednesday 9th of May, however they followed up by including a feature of us on their website.

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What is important to us.
Newmarket School is an ENVIRO School.
This year we are addressing the growing issue of coming to and from school.
Our school is situated on an arterial road to the motorway.
As you can see from the ‘google map’ traffic graphic, about 30 minutes before school closes for the day our school road is already congested with traffic. This congestion also happens before school.
During a 24 hour period 200,000 vehicles travel on this stretch of the Southern Motorway daily and a large number of these vehicles exit via Gillies Ave for the airport. Our school is a block from the exit ramp and 2 main streets from the entry ramp.

Our day of discussion for the BBC World’s Biggest Assembly involved the Auckland Transport who are working with us on the School’s Travel Wise Programme. Together with our children, we identified where they live on a large scale community map. Our children will have the opportunity to share and identify hazards and issues that they encounter when they travel to and from school. They will begin to discuss some solutions to try and alleviate chaos at the gate.

Data gathered from this assembly will be used to help develop a Safe School Travel Plan as our school community identifies safer alternatives when traveling to and from school.

On Wednesday 9th of May the children shared with TV One Breakfast their involvement in gathering data and how they are sharing their story with the BBC World's Biggest Assembly.

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