At the Heart of Newmarket School
Our Motto: From these roots will strong trees grow
Mission Statement
To provide an outstanding learning centred environment that ensures all students reach their potential with respect and dignity.
Vision Statement
Newmarket Primary School is a unique school well known for its outstanding capacity:

To integrate
· A well-developed success culture amongst students and teachers
· Total commitment to its community to provide high quality education
· Highly effective partnerships with the parent/caregiver and academic communities
· Rigorous effective learning programmes implemented by enthusiastic and innovative teachers
· Te Reo through effective inclusive programmes and focus weeks, utilizing local resources and community strengths
A school Vision Map focusing on actions for Education for Sustainability

And thereby achieve and maintain high quality education, high quality communication, and high quality multicultural learning environment characterized by:

· Holistic, learner-centred educational experiences for all students based on very high expectations
· Multi-ethnic students working and playing together, celebrating and appreciative of culture diversity
· Highly coordinated approach by teachers and parents/caregivers to support learning and development
Highly developed student capacity to be lifelong learners

School Aims
· To achieve a learning environment that promotes positive attitudes to independent and cooperative learning and creativity
· To provide effective learning resources
· To foster an environment that encourages effort and celebrates success
· To provide a learning environment that is safe (emotionally, socially, physically) attractive, enriching and dynamic.
· To enable the process of defining and refining values
To attract, develop and retain high calibre staff, as teachers have the biggest impact on how students achieve
As a means to achieve the following:

Desired Outcomes * The Essence of Newmarket School *

· Students develop and extend academic, personal and social skills
· Students’ feelings of self-worth fostered
· Students develop core values
Students participate and contribute

Core Values

· Pride in oneself - self-esteem
· Integrity
· Self-discipline
· Courtesy and co-operation
· Acceptance of differences
· Commitment
· Respect for others
· Caring