Butterfly House

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Guiding Principle

There was a problem. Our caterpillars were all over the place:- in Ms Kofoed's car and getting squashed in the carpark. Room 3 wanted to solve the problem because we knew that butterflies were important in our ecosystem and we wanted to grow them at our school but with all the caterpillars getting squashed we couldn't do that so we decided to look into this matter.

Theme/ Big Question

"How can we grow butterflies at our school and look after them?"


We chose to build the butterfly house at the back because it was far from the carpark and the caterpillars would be safe there.

Date Established

Summer Holidays 2008

People Involved

Room 3 students
Mrs Irshad, Mr Irshad, Mr Badger, Ms Kofoed, Eilleen

Our timeline

Summer Holidays

Former Use

Current Use

A home for our butterflies because they help pollinate our flowers.

Notable Features

Construction date


Other Information

The students all helped in planting and watering the plants in the butterfly house. At present we are working at maintaining those plants so they look healthy before the butterflies start laying eggs in there.

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