Bird Bath

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Guiding Principle

General Student Participation


Friendship Garden


The birdbath garden is located near the native zone.

Year Established

2008, the birdbath garden was established thanks to the children of Newmarket School.

People Involved

The bird bath garden was designed by Shania,Kavita and Maddy.

Our timeline

2008 - 210 The Birdbath Garden
2011 The Wizard of Oz Garden

Former Use

Garden Path

Current Use

The Wizard of Oz Garden - a place for children to sing or create fun creatures using objects in the garden.
A great place to sit down and take in the sites of Newmarket.

Notable Features

The birdbath garden is a relaxing place where you can see a birdbath, a bird house and lots of creative art.
The bird bath garden used to be a boring garden that needed improving. Now it is a pretty area where we can see the birds.
The garden includes native trees like the kowhai tree. The garden also has 4x ti trees growing for which Newmarket is famous for.
There is a concrete seat that you can sit underneath and wait for the tui birds that sometimes appear.

Construction Year

2006 the area was designed.


N.P.S. Leaders or Gardening Club

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25 August 2011

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