Hot Seat Forever!
By Brian Year 6.

I could not believe it! Today was Tuesday the 29th of May, the day when Ant Sang, graphic designer of Bro’Town came to Newmarket School so that he could participate in the SuperclubsPLUS Hot Seat! "Sooner or later, he's going to come" I thought.

This was a really exciting day for me, since I was one of the people picked to be in the hot seat. I felt myself shivering with excitement. I felt my heart pumping. But ten minutes later, I was bored. Bored because Ant Sang was not yet here. I tried to pass the time by talking to Sharon, Jennifer and Angeline on SuperClubsPLUS but it didn't work out. Suddenly, I sent the email, saying "He's coming!". I was stunned into when I heard the creek of the door opening.

Once he came in, Mrs Van Schaijik the teacher SuperClubsPLUS mediator in our school introduced the famous graphic novelist. Once he came in, I sent my last email to a friend and logged onto the Forum's Hot Seat page. "59, 58, 56..." I waited and waited, too nervous to move. But after a few minutes, Angeline shouted to us "Hot Seat's online!". Quickly as possible, I asked my first question, "How did you get inspiration for your books?" But as the time past time by, the forum became even more exciting. As the time passed quicker and quicker, it lead me writing my recount on my school page on SuperClubsPLUS.

I never had a more exciting time in my life! I had always wanted to meet a famous author and I did.
I suggest if you meet a famous person and you get to ask him a question, ask him a ‘How’ or a ‘Why’ question.
I'll never forget this time of my life at Newmarket School.

Meeting Ant Sang
By Victorian, year 5

Oh no! I thought. Today I'm meeting Ant Sang, but I'm terribly late! They were already there in room 7 with our computer teacher talking to a newspaper journalist about how Ant sang came. Our Assistant Principle helped type the answers for Ant Sang on the Author in a Hot Seat Forum. Students who weren’t going to sports exchange typed their questions for him to answer or typed their recount about Ant Sang coming for a visit. I hoped that he would stay long enough to sign our things.
Ant Sang is an Asian male. He is 41 years old and a virgo. He likes every kind of food and has a fear of rats. My friend wanted him to sign their hand. But I wished for him to sigh the sketch my teacher gave me. I tried to find some thing artistical because he is an amazing artist. Ant Sang also was the designer of Bro’Town. This is a show that your parents won't let you watch)

Ant Sang at NPS
By Sarah Year 5

Today When Ant Sang came I was so exited because I had never met an illustrator in my life. He had really short black hair, a smile on his face, a dark red shirt and a pair of pitch, black shoes. I think he was very thirsty and tired from answering all of our question on SuperClubsPLUS, so that is why he had a glass of water beside him. The school from Wellington called Solway School was also getting to see him over the computer. Both schools had the opportunity to ask Ant Sang lots of question