Newmarket Primary School is a small central inner city ENVIRO school located in central Auckland, New Zealand.

Some facts about our school
  • 280 children attend our primary school and our children are aged from 5 years old to 11 years.
  • Our school was one of the first built in Auckland in the 1870s so we have grown and adapted with our city. Our key features features include our terraced walls built just after the Second World War, our massive red and green Pohutukawa trees and our diverse cultural mix of children and staff reflecting our city’s population.
  • We are a Green/Gold awarded ENVIRO School and this means that as a school we want to make a positive difference to our environment. We focus on sustainable communities by empowering our children with learning opportunities that enable them to take action for the environment. Respecting the diversity of people’s cultures is reflected in our planning, learning and action and this framework is underpinned with our Maori perspective. Our school colours are red and green and depict the colours of our Pohutukawa trees growing on our boundary.
  • Our Motto is
  • Noo wenei pakiaka ka tupu e rakau kaha.
    ‘From these roots shall strong trees grow.’

  • newmarket.jpg
  • Our school and staff sitting on the terraces, March 2012.