ICT Art Project

With an Art Show approaching at Newmarket Primary School the ICT team thought it was a prime opportunity to showcase our students’ technology skills.

Natasha, Sonya and Kylie met as a team to first come up with a plan of attack. We then selected a range of students from year 4 to year 6. We met with the students to get an idea of what they envisioned. We decided on an environmental theme as we are working towards our green-gold environmental schools award. It is also the year of the forest, so we came up with the plan of deforestation.

Each student had to use paint tools on laptops to design a leaf, trunk, flower, branch and stump for their nominated New Zealand tree. Once these images were perfected the challenge ahead was to create a forest. Firstly, we made a range of leaf sizes, branch sizes etc, and then cut and pasted each individual image into a new paint document to create a tree for each student. The second part of our mission was to create a landscape background for our soon-to-be forest. Then we copied the trees and stumps and moved them onto our created background. Soon enough we had a forest. Making the other two scenes was much the same.

We decided on three scenes. A growing forest, a forest with half tree stumps and half trees and lastly a scene of only tree stumps. This showed the destruction of forests caused by man cutting down trees.We then approached the Newmarket Kodak store and managed to get some prints on blocks printed. After all our hard work we were delighted to see all our pieces sell out!!! Please contact us if you would like a pack of Christmas cards that include images of all the individual trees.