In 2012,

Newmarket School attained our Green Gold Enviro Award.
Our composition group created this song for the event. We added some highlights of what we do for the World School Assembly.

Newmarket is an enviro school,
Teamwork is our greatest tool,
Re use and reduce in a really good way,
Come on everybody lets recycle today.
Potatoes, lettuce and courgettes too, with so many veges, what shall we do?
Beetroot, celery, silverbeet, pea, we had yummy soup for our tea.
Citrus lemons oranges, mandarin lime, all of these fruits, are so divine.
Strawberries juicy, so big and round, “What would we do without them?” ...We’d frown.
There’s a mighty scarecrow, bringing justice to the garden,
All the birds and snails plead, “I beg your pardon!”
We have a special farm, for the tiger worms,
We give them our food scraps, that makes them all squirm.
The bees are so important to pollinate our flowers,
It keeps them so contented for hours and hours.
The trees contorted branches, hold the bird boxes,
Their sweet singing in harmony, pleases us lots and lots.
Pick up our rubbish from the tins, add to leaves and weeds in compost bins.
Plants need water and feeding, to help our harvest grow,
Young seedlings flourish and blossom, so our leadership will flow.
Cabbage trees stand….mighty and tall, Pohutukawa’s beauty wows us all.
From these roots will strong trees grow, Newmarket’s motto for us to show.