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Create Poppies from plastic bottles.

Create a wreath out of Egg Cartons

Newmarket School was allocated the names of 29 soldiers and one nurse from our wider region for our Fields of Remembrance. The names were randomly selected from the list of 18,200 who lost their lives in World War I.

Te Ako Puriri lead our ANZAC school ceremony on Friday.



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In addition let us remember
44943 __Moore Rupert Cyril.__

Newmarket Anzac Parade
School students, staff and families are welcome to join in the Newmarket ANZAC Parade and Ceremony. Meet in Teed Street 9am Saturday 25th April.


McLean William F.A.M August 1914 Pupil Teacher from Newmarket Enlisted and went to war.


37100 __Walker, William Robert Cooper__ October 1916 Headmaster Newmarket Resumed November 1916

BA 1898 Lieutenant Colonel -Mounted Rifles

1917 First casualty

44943 Moore Rupert Cyril. February 1917 Assistant Newmarket Killed in Action 12 Sept 1918

2nd Lieutenant Killed Trescault Ridge - Memorial at Newmarket Park

Auckland Infantry Regiment A company

Assistant principal from Newmarket School who was killed in action 12 Sept 1918 at Trescault Ridge.
His name can be found on the Newmarket war memorial by Olympic Pools.



43667 __Nicholson Arthur Mervyn.__ March 1917 Pupil Teacher, Newmarket Wounded Twice; resumed June 1919 (Private lived in Howic) Wounded November 1918